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FES Protection Plan Membership includes:


         CREDIT RESTORATION: Your financial health revolves around your credit score! Work with FES credit experts and proven system to eliminate any inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous accounts. We help you dispute the mistaken, negative ratings so you can lower your interest rates, avoid high late fees, advance your credit opportunities, or obtain new credit when you need it most.


         CREDIT ATTORNEY: FES staff of attorneys and paralegals will fight to fix your consumer credit reports and stop abusive, harassing debt collectors, creditors, and credit reporting agencies. By analyzing your case from all angles, they will work with you to determine case eligibility and are determined to bring about the best results possible as quickly as possible.

         CREDIT BUILDER: Understanding how your credit score is calculated and how to read your credit report are the first steps to improving your credit. FES Credit Education Center offers a wide variety of educational services, credit tips and resources to help you take the necessary steps towards enhancing your credit and manage your financial life. 


         SMART CREDIT: Manage all your online accounts, your credit, credit score, auto score, insurance score, and identity all in one place. FES automatically tracks and updates your account balances, bills coming due and transactions every day. Get alerts to your phone or your email if someone has opened an account or credit in your name, then using the Action button to act quickly and stop the thieves.


          PRIVACY ARMOUR: Proactively safeguard your credit, your finances, and your good  name with a vigilant service that alerts you of potential threats before any damage is done, using technology that searches for potential misuse of your social security number, your name, address or date of birth in applications for credit or services. However, because nothing is 100%, if you do become a victim of identity theft, Privacy Armour will spend up to $1 million dollars in experts, lawyers, investigators, and whomever else is necessary to help you recover.


         *MYCARE PLAN: In the event that you are unable to speak or make any type of decision for yourself, the task of decision making may fall to someone whom does not understand your wishes may end up making the wrong ones. However, a full estate comprehensive planning package ensures that your wishes regarding your health, your finances and your family are seen to and met as you desired.  


          *FINANCIAL LOCKBOX: If you loved ones suddenly found themselves in the position of having to take over your finances without warning, would they be able to locate the necessary documents, i.e. insurance papers, bank or financial records in such an emergency? Financial Lockbox is an online solution that allows you to store all your financial data in a safe, secure, password protected location for easy access.  


          *YFL FAMILY MINT: Implemented in schools across the country, you can now bring the FamilyMint online educational portal into your home to implement or enhance financial knowledge to your children.  


          *FES TRAVEL: When you travel, do so with confidence! By partnering with over 500 hotels and resorts in over 90 of the world's top vacation destinations, FES discount travel will give you the widest variety of vacation destinations you'll find anywhere. From family cruises to the best resorts in Mexico, from a Luxury Vacation destination, to an African Safari, the possibilities are endless.


          *LIFE INSURANCE: Create a sound financial strategy for your loved ones in case of the unexpected. FES Agents are entitled to a $30,000 dollar term life insurance policy, with incremental increases the longer you maintain your membership.  


          *HEALTH INSURANCE: Compare plan rates and benefits side by side and find out how much you could be saving on health insurance --- 4 out of 5 consumers qualify for federal subsidies.  


          *DISCOUNT SHOPPING: Shopping discounts available. Simply browse the offers available or search for a specific product. When you are ready to earn rewards and save, just click through the retailer through FES link and complete your purchase. You can still shop using the exact same website of your favorite retailer, but allowing you to earn Cash Back benefits, plus coupon codes, and more.

*-(Services marked with an asterisk require you to be an active 1099 participating representing agent of Financial Education Services.)


Antonio CACR.jpg

     Antonio Mitchell is successful young man that devotes just as much time to his son, as well as other  other young men in the community. He is a father who sees the need for young men in his community to be encouraged and acknowledged in a positive way. He is both an entrepreneur and hard worker, as showcased by his previous venture as a neighborhood barber whom provided free hair cuts to those could not afford to pay, whether it be hair cuts for kids who's parents were without, or hair cuts for  young men who wish to look their best for an upcoming job interview. 

     Mr. Mitchell was born and raised in Manatee County, Florida. A graduate of Palmetto High School, he comes from a large family boasting of 4 other siblings, a wonderful and loving mother, and a father that held to be a great man during his purposeful time here on earth.  Following the many years of lessons and advise bestowed upon him by his late father during their many bonding fishing trips, Antonio continues to implements those values in his daily life which is constantly leading him to become a great leader in his community, and a role model to all who know him. 


     Antonio became a credit repair Agent because he saw a need for those in his community and people all around him to gain a higher knowledge and a greater understanding to what surrounded them, and how to strive for better.  His motto is to teach others to rise above their circumstances and reach for their goals. He takes the time to show other fathers just how important it is to always be in their child's life, especially their sons. As statistics show, being a Black male in America is a challenge since birth, but he believes that if you set your mind to do something you, with  placing God at the head, anything you strive for can, and will be achieved. This is the one of the most important lessons passed to Antonio from his father that he continues to follow to this day, and uses this lesson to walk a good path for the sake of his son, leaving great footsteps to follow. 

Following in the Footsteps of Greatness to Build Upon Greatness!

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